Town Of Whitestown

April 16, 2003: Town Board Voucher Meeting


Town Board Members Present:

Matthew Shannon, Supervisor
Charles R. Gibbs, II, Councilman
William Copperwheat, Councilman
Brian Brooks, Councilman
Daniel Sullivan, Councilman

Other Town Officials Present:
Joanne Zegarelli, Town Clerk
Sal Granato, Highway Superintendent
Donald Wolanin, Chief of Police
Nancy Hartman, Personnel/Finance Director
Tom Moore, Recreational Director
Phil Husted, Codes Department
Karl Schrantz, Town Engineer
Rose Kurczyk, Senior Director

The Supervisor opened the meeting at 7:00 PM,
roll call of board members,
moment of silence and
Pledge Allegiance to the Flag.

The Supervisor asked for a motion to accept the minutes from the previous Town Board meeting.

Upon the motion of Councilman Brooks, seconded by Councilman Gibbs, discussion followed. Councilman Sullivan stated that he would like to clarify the statement he made during the April 2, 2002 meeting. He referenced the issue of hiring help for the skate park and wanted to clarify it by stating that the hiring would come from the list of summer help. There having been a first and a second motion, it is
RESOLVED, that the Town Board hereby accepts the minutes from April 2, 2003.
All voted aye.
Motion carried.

Reports from Officers and Committees


Chief Donald Wolanin addressed the Board. He stated that the maintenance work for the speed-trailer is near complete and should be ready by next week. Police business has been usual in his department.


Phil Husted addressed the Board. He gave a summary of last year’s activity. The codes department has experienced many changes. He stated that many building permits are in review at this time and they will be examined on a first come, first serve basis. There was a previous complaint of unregistered vehicles. Mr. Husted conducted a drive-by and noticed that this property has fallen back in disrepair. This is being addressed. Mr. Husted further stated that he is looking into updating the fee schedule in accordance with the New York State Department of State schedule of Inspection and Building fees. Relating to property and fire inspection, he has completed an inventory of approximately 180 properties. These include multi-family residence (more than a two family home), non-family properties such as commercial and manufacturing. These properties will require periodic inspections and a fee schedule will be reviewed for this service.

The new computer has been installed. He has downloaded a database, along with the Code of Whitestown. All computer purchases had been made prior to March 31, 2003 in compliance with the grant specifications for refund.

Mr. Husted attended training in early April, which included residential code training. Lastly, Mr. Husted reported on some new issues, which were primarily complaints regarding dumping, landlord/tenant and unlicensed cars illegally parked.


Karl Schrantz addressed the Board. He stated that constructors for the water projects are ready to resume work. He is in the process of arranging a meeting to discuss the upcoming schedule relating to the water and pedestrian trails. Clean-up work is necessary for both the water and pedestrian trail projects. It is the opinion of Mr. Schrantz to hire back construction inspectors for these projects. He estimated two weeks for Syracuse Constructors and four weeks for Util-Co. Discussion followed regarding time frame and how construction in certain areas would be conducted. Mr. Schrantz will put a proposal together regarding the estimated time frame for the inspectors.

Buildings & Grounds

Jack DelMonte is not in attendance; therefore Tom Moore addressed the Board on his behalf. He asked the Board for permission to accept the quote to purchase and install the carpet at the community center. Four quotes were received, the lowest being that of D & D Carpet. Discussion was had with the possibility of some of the materials being tile instead of carpet. This would not exceed $9,400.00.

Upon the motion of Councilman Sullivan, seconded by Councilman Copperwheat, it is
RESOLVED, that the Town Board approved the quote from D & D Carpets, not to exceed $9,400.00, for the purchase of materials and installation of either carpet or tile for the Community Center. All voted aye.
Motion carried.

Discussion was had regarding when this project would start and end. It was recommended to be included in the contract and also have the Attorney examine.


Tom Moore addressed the Board. He stated that he has brochures for the summer programs. There is still some question on what to do regarding rain days. Mr. Moore hoped to have all this worked out by the May board meeting. A suggestion was made to possibly have information available for the newsletter.

Discussion was had regarding all the parks and also on the Friday schedule. Councilman Brooks asked Tom to prepare a schedule for the parks to be included in the newsletter. Councilman Copperwheat asked Tom for a meeting stating that he is not in favor of un-staffed parks.


Sal Granato addressed the Board. He reported that all streets in the Town have been swept once. His department is going back again for additional clean up. Green waste pick-up has started. Mr. Granato anticipates topsoil will be in next week for seeding to repair lawns from damage created as a result of plowing. The annual trash pick up is scheduled for the first two weeks in June.

Town Clerk

Joanne Zegarelli addressed the Board. She stated that she has received a request from Whitesboro Central School requesting to borrow four voting machines for their election.

Upon the motion of Councilman Brooks, seconded by Councilman Gibbs, it is
RESOLVED, that the Town Board approved the Whitesboro Central School District the use of four (4) voting machines for their election to be held on May 20, 2003.
All voted aye.
Motion carried.
Joanne also stated that she received a call from the County informing her that they will no longer be selling conservation licenses anymore. They will be posting a list of places where their usual customers can purchase licenses. Joanne asked the County to place Whitestown at the top of the list.

Public Comment

John Dote, Oneida County Independence Party Chairman addressed the Board. He stated that he again would like to speak to the issue of the resolution he spoke of at the last meeting. Mr. Dote mentioned that he, along with some members of the Board, understood that there was a part of the resolution that needed to be excluded because it cut a process of control out of Empire Zones. He further stated that the representative that spoke to them regarding the Empire Zone stated that this can be eliminated and since then he and the Board found out this is not true. Mr. Dote stated that the County Executive told him that this is for the good of the whole county. However, he stated that the County had told the Board last year that they would assist in moving the police department to a new facility and that has yet to happen. He also stated that buildings were toured at the Business Park in hopes for a new municipal building and that too has not happened. He continued by giving other examples. Mr. Dote asked the Town Board to pass a resolution that allows the transfers of zones to the precise business that have been calling the Board. It is his understanding that there are a couple of resolutions being looked at now and if it does not address the issue, the Town Board is selling out the Town. He concluded by saying he hopes the Board will look at the resolution carefully and protect the future of the people who elected them.

Old Business

Supervisor Shannon asked the Board to address the economic development zone request to ratify, or not, the sub-zones. Councilman Brooks stated that he received a draft resolution today. He felt uncomfortable passing a resolution without the attorney reviewing it. He questioned a deadline for passing the resolution saying he had only received a verbal notice, not written. Councilman Brooks stated that the Board has given much thought and consideration regarding this issue.

Councilman Brooks referred to a draft resolution stating that ‘option #2’ is something he would consider adopting. Councilman Brooks made the first motion; Councilman Sullivan made a second motion for the purpose of discussion. Councilman Sullivan referred to the original resolution and the changes that were made to that. He stated that the attorney drafted two options to be considered. Councilman Sullivan read the second option, which is included in the resolution that follows.

Empire Zone Revision
April 16, 2003

Motioned by Councilman Brooks
Seconded by Councilman Sullivan
WHEREAS, New York State has created the Economic Development Zone program to encourage industrial and commercial development in selected municipalities across the State; and
WHEREAS, Oneida County, as an eligible municipality, received designation of an Economic Development Zone on June 3, 1998 made up of sub-zones including portions of the Town and Village of Frankfort, Village of Ilion, Town of Whitestown, Town of New Hartford, City of Rome; and
WHEREAS, Oneida County subsequently revised and amended the original Economic Development Zone sub-zone boundaries (now referred to an Empire Zones) on August 22, 2002; and
WHEREAS, New York State has amended the Zones program to increase benefits and allow additional sub-zones; and
WHEREAS, Oneida County intends to revise the Empire Zones boundaries to encourage industrial and commercial development and to allow for the creation of an additional sub-zone in the Town of Whitestown for property located at 5160 Judd Road, among others; and
WHEREAS, the Town of Whitestown is committed to the development of new business within the proposed sub-zone; and
WHEREAS, the Town of Whitestown wishes to support and concur with the Empire Zone revision application.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT: RESOLVED, if the land designated in the Town of Whitestown as a sub-zone is not developed or does not have a legitimate development plan within nine (9) months of said designation, the Town Board for the Town of Whitestown acknowledges that it will relinquish the designation of Empire Zone for the aforementioned sub-zone, back to the Oneida Herkimer Counties Empire Zones land bank for future development elsewhere within the Town of Whitestown; and be it further
RESOLVED, that the Town Board for the Town of Whitestown, in its capacity as governing body of the Town, does hereby support and concur with the Oneida Herkimer Counties Empire Zone revision application.
Upon the question of the adoption of the foregoing resolution, a roll call vote was had with the following voting AYE:
Councilman Charles R. Gibbs, II
Councilman William Copperwheat
Councilman Brian Brooks
Councilman Daniel Sullivan
Supervisor Matthew Shannon
The resolution was thereupon declared to be adopted.

The Supervisor stated that he asked Karl Schrantz, Planning Board Chairman, to review a fee schedule for minor subdivisions in the Town. Karl gave a brief explanation with the request being $150.00 flat fee for the application with an additional $25.00 per lot. The resolution reads as follows.

Application Fee Schedule – Minor Subdivisions
April 16, 2003

Motioned by Councilman Sullivan
Seconded by Councilman Copperwheat
WHEREAS, the current fee schedule, adopted October 4, 1989 by the Town Board of the Town of Whitestown, does not distinguish between major and minor subdivisions, and
WHEREAS, the review and approval procedures undertaken by the Town of Whitestown Planning Board generally requires less effort for Minor Subdivisions that those for Major Subdivisions, and
WHEREAS, the Town Board desires to establish a new fee schedule of Minor Subdivisions that more closely reflects the efforts and associated costs (i.e.: engineering review and legal notice publications) required to process Minor Subdivision applications by the Planning Board in accordance with state and local laws, ordinances, and regulation.
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Town Board of the Town of Whitestown hereby adopts the following new fee schedule specific to applications for Minor Subdivision:
• Application for Minor Subdivision Review - $150.00 plus $25.00 per lot.
All voted aye.
Motion carried.

Councilman Gibbs asked if anyone had changes to the newsletter draft, he would like it tonight.

Upon the motion of Councilman Brooks, seconded by Councilman Sullivan, it is
RESOLVED, that the Town Board entered into executive session at 8:00PM for the purpose of litigation and personnel.
All voted aye.
Motion carried.

Upon the motion of Councilman Sullivan, seconded by Councilman Brooks, it is
RESOLVED, that the Town Board ended executive session at 8:20 PM.
All voted aye.
Motion carried.

The purpose of the meeting was for the Town Board to review and approve vouchers for payment.

Upon the motion of Councilman Copperwheat, seconded by Councilman Sullivan, it is
RESOLVED, that the Town Board hereby authorized the payment of;
General Fund Bills (A) No. 364 through No. 447
General Fund Bills (B) No. 75 through No. 98
Special Districts No. 4
Sewer Consolidation District No. 14 through No. 18
Landfill Closure Phase 2 No. 210
Water District # 1 Extension No. 94
Highway DA & DB No. 147 through No. 215
said abstract having been duly audited by the said Town Board thus authorizing the Supervisor to write checks for the payment of the same.
All voted aye.
Motion carried.

There being no further business to come before the Board, upon the motion of Councilman Copperwheat, seconded by Councilman Brooks, the meeting was adjourned at 8:24PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Joanne Zegarelli
Town Clerk