Town Of Whitestown

February 26, 2003: Special Meeting of the Town Board


Town Board Members Present

Matthew J. Shannon, Supervisor
Charles R. Gibbs, II, Councilman, In attendance @ 7:08PM
William Copperwheat, Councilman
Brian Brooks, Councilman
Daniel Sullivan, Councilman

Other Town Officials Present:
Joanne Zegarelli, Town Clerk
Tom Moore, Director/Recreations
Karl Schrantz, Town Engineer/MWH
Jack DelMonte, Foreman Bldgs. & Grounds, In attendance @ 6:40PM

The purpose of this meeting was to discuss the Dunham Manor Park Improvements and the grant associated with this project. Members of the Dunham Manor Association were in attendance.

The Supervisor spoke of the grant that was received and also the land that was gifted to the Town for this project from the Carbone family.

There were stipulations with receiving this grant, one of which was an archeological study. This is near complete.

Councilman Brooks stated that Senator Meier was instrumental in the Town receiving this grant, which is likely one of the largest grants received.

A member of the Dunham Manor Association stated that he believes he speaks for all the members in saying that the main concern is the traffic and that the only entrance into Dunham Manor Park is Hollywood Drive. He also reference to the map and spoke of a natural spring that has existed. He stated that Dunham Manor had paid for piping to help the drainage years ago. Again, he stated that everyone likes the park and the future improvements but they all worry about the increase of traffic and the speed in which they travel. He made suggestions of having another road in and out of the development.

Discussion followed.

Tom Moore stated that he along with the Board is aware of this problem. He referenced to the map and the improvements and expansion that is proposed. He stated that perhaps the presence of a police vehicle would help this.

Karl Schrantz referenced the map of improvements. He stated that the trails that are there will stay and they plan to improve them by cleaning it up, etc. He spoke of a possible buffer that might be placed after speaking with the people bordering the trails. Markers will be placed showing where the Town property begins. He also spoke of an area that could be used as another ball field. It is his and Tom Moore’s opinion not to cut down any trees. He said existing playground equipment that does not meet safety code would be removed and replaced. Karl mentioned another stipulation to receiving the grant was to make some function of the park handicapped accessible. Suggestions have been made. A sign would have to be erected, the specifications directed by the State of New York were the size and height and it must be permanently labeled with Governor George Pataki’s name.

Members of the Association spoke about the idea of a town employee opening and closing the park. A suggestion of a gate being placed at the entrance of the park was made.

Tom Moore spoke of the list of items in the grant. They are as follows; restroom building, basketball court, volleyball court, playground equipment, tables, benches, trails, fishing pier and fencing. These are only suggestions. Another stipulation of receiving the grant of $100,000.00 is the town needs to match the dollar amount. Discussion of a toboggan hill was had. Tom Moore referenced the map and asked for suggestions on placing certain items. Discussion followed.

There was discussion about a restroom and the upkeep. The Town would maintain restrooms. Discussion was had again about the speed of the vehicles in and out of the development and the possibility of another access.

Suggestions of a handout given to all the parents who sign their children up for any activities in this park stating that there would be a no tolerance for speeding in this development. Also, Councilman Brooks stated that the Chief of Police would be happy to attend any of the Dunham Manor Association meetings. Discussion followed regarding speed and perhaps having a special speed zone for Hollywood Drive. Councilman Brooks will check into this.

Much discussion and suggestion followed about speeding traffic and different ways to enter and exit the development.

Tom Moore stated that once they know their direction a public hearing would be held. Mr. Moore thanked everyone for coming.
The meeting ended at 7:35PM

Respectfully submitted,

Joanne Zegarelli
Town Clerk