Town Of Whitestown
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Supervisor - Shaun J Kaleta
Town Councilman - Kevin R Barry Jr.
Town Councilman - Michael Ciancaglini
Town Councilman - Joseph A Cirasuolo
Town Councilman - William Copperwheat Jr.

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Meeting Cancellation
March 15, 2017

Due to the snow, The Town of Whitestown Voucher Meeting scheduled for tonight, March 15th, has been postponed. The meeting will now take place on Wednesday, March 22nd at 7 PM at Town Hall.


No All NIght Parking In Effect Beginnig October 15th
October 11, 2016

The Whitestown Police Department would like to remind all town residents that the ban on All Night Parking begins on October 15th.  There is to be no parking on any town road between 2 AM and 7 AM from October 15th until April 15th.  Please note violators will be ticketed.  Any questions or concerns please contact the Whitestown Police Department at 736-1100. 

Frying Oil, Bacon Grease and sewer backups. Oh, my.
April 02, 2015
Visit to learn how to prevent the fats, oils and grease (FOG) from ingredients that are used in or are byproducts of certain foods from clogging pipes that can cause backups into your or your neighbors' homes.
Local Law Passed With Regard to Tobacco Restrictions
August 22, 2014

A Local Law Repealing Chapter 40 of the Code of the Town of Whitestown entitled "Smoking", and enacting a new Chapter 40 entitled "Tobacco Restrictions".